Bleeding Control Station - Thin Metal Cabinet

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Public access to life saving tools is a vital component of the White House's Stop the Bleed Initiative. By empowering civilians to act by providing access to critical trauma supplies, lives can be saved during medical emergencies while waiting for professional first responders to arrive on scene.

This thin metal cabinet is an option for public access to bleeding control or other medical supplies. This cabinet is sold empty, or can be purchased with two different loaded configurations as described below. The cabinet is intended to be wall mounted and provides a slim-profile, and the door can be adjusted to open either direction.

Option 1: Public Access Trauma Cube + Thin Metal Cabinet

  • 1 Public Access Trauma Cube contains:
  • 2 Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT), Orange
  • 2 Hyfin Vent COMPACT Chest Seal, Twin Pack
  • 1 H&H Thin H Bandage, Flat Fold
  • 2 NAR Compressed Gauze
  • 1 EMT Shears, 7.5"
  • 1 Survival Rescue Blanket
  • 2 Pair Nitrile Gloves, Large
  • 1 RE Mini Sharpie Marker
  • 1 Bleeding Control Instruction Card

Option 2: Two Bleeding Control Kits + Thin Metal Cabinet

  • 2 Bleeding Control Clamshell Pouches each contain:
  • 1 CAT Tourniquet
  • 1 Rescue Essentials 4" Emergency Pressure Dressing
  • 2 NAR S-Rolled Wound Packing Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yd
  • 2 TritonGrip SE Nitrile Gloves, Large (Rolled Pairs)
  • 1 EMT Shears, Black, 5.5"
  • 1 RE Mini Sharpie Marker

Dimensions: 11.25" H x 11.25" W X 3.25" D (cabinet, exterior)

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