M2 Civilian Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT)

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These RMTs (Ratcheting Medical Tourniquets) are designed primarily for civilian applications. Two-step instructions are clearly printed on webbing ease of use in stressful situations, even by minimally trained responders. The RMT is offered in two versions. The red version is intended for adult (patients >120 lbs) and includes an 11" ladder strap which provides the largest closure range. The yellow option is intended for use on pediatric patients (individuals <120 lbs) that includes a shorter ladder strap for effective application on circumferences as small as 2.5".

This is a highly effective tourniquet that is suitable for civilian use thanks to its intuitive buckle operation and the printed instructions. The rugged and durable design will stand up to inhospitable environments. The ratcheting buckle gives the responder precise, adjustable control to occlude blood flow, while minimizing muscle and nerve damage. RMTs are self–locking and require only gross motor skills to operate. Audible sounds verify activation. 

Users should train regularly for optimal response.

  • Applies precise mechanical pressure
  • System is self-locking
  • Easily applied with one hand
  • Requires only ‘gross’ motor skills to operate
  • Ratcheting sound when activated
  • Instructions clearly printed on RMT™
  • Proven Technology since 2002
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged
  • Simple, intuitive ‘glove’ operation

Dimensions: 1.5" H x 9" W x 0.50" D (red / adult, flat)
Dimensions: 1.5" H x 5.25" W x 1.25" D (yellow / pediatric, flat)
Weight: 4.1 oz (red / adult)
Weight: 3.4 oz (yellow / pediatric)

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