Meret 'MD' O2 Cylinder W/ Post Valve

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The Meret MD Medical Oxygen Cylinder is a great choice for anyone who needs a very portable oxygen system with a significant 02 supply.

This cylinder comes standard with a CGA870 medical post valve but can be fitted with a toggle valve, a "Z" valve, a handtight valve, a handtight and gauge valve, or a CGA540 valve. Please call for alternate valve options. Combine with the Meret CG870 Mini Regulator for a 0-15LPM compact O2 delivery system. 

 For other O2 cylinder sizes and valve types please contact us at 1-866-711-4843.

*All cylinders are shipped empty. We do not sell or ship filled oxygen cylinders.

Dimensions: 19" L
Weight: 6 lbs

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