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The NAR Wound Management Simulator is a rugged part-task trainer for persons to learn and simulate the essential life-saving skills of tourniquet application, wound packing, and the effective pressure bandage application. Each simulation stump has multiple wound patterns that include severe laceration and penetrating trauma (entrance and exit wounds). These part-task training simulators provide the ability to enhance basic bleeding control training and can be used in classroom settings and field training scenarios. Made of a proprietary silicone that is non-environmentally reactive, these rugged and durable simulators provide a portable training aid to help learn wound management techniques to control bleeding


  • Multiple wounding patterns to enhance training objectives
  • Simulates severe laceration, penetrating trauma (entrance and exit wounds), along with the ability to apply tourniquets
  • Proprietary silicone that is rugged and durable and will not break down due to environmental exposure
  • Can be used in the classroom or in field training scenarios


  • Light Tone
  • Deep Tone


  • L 15.25 in. x Diameter 6 in.
  • Weight: 10.38 lbs
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