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DESCRIPTION The Pneumothorax Decompression Indicator Capnospot A More Accurate Decompression for Tension Pneumothorax Introducing the Pneumothorax Decompression Indicator Capnospot, a novel Visual Carbon Dioxide Detection Device for Needle Thoracostomy. Rapid, efficient, visual detection of needle placement providing immediate visual feedback that needle decompression was successful. It is lightweight and portable, with a real-time confirmatory color change from blue to yellow (essentially a binary "yes" or "no" in the presence of carbon dioxide), removing operator subjectivity. The Capnospot was initially designed and developed at a leading healthcare organization, and current clinical data demonstrates higher accuracy than clinical judgement alone. What IS Tension Pneumothorax? A pneumothorax is a collapsed lung that occurs when air leaks into the space between lung and the chest wall (the pleural space). A Tension Pneumothorax is when the air, from a pneumothorax, builds enough pressure to compress the blood vessels that return blood to the heart, causing cardiac arrest within minutes. Tension pneumothorax has a 100% mortality rate if not treated promptly and is a leading cause of preventable death in trauma. Capnospot demonstration NOTE: Needle not included with this product. This product is compatible with the 10ga and 14ga Air Release System (ARS®), the 10ga and 14ga Enhanced Air Release System (ARS®), and the Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release® (SPEAR) device.


Product Features:

  • Objective, visual indication of decompression
  • Binary “yes” or “no” removes operator subjectivity
  • Lightweight, portable, real-time confirmatory color change (from blue to yellow)
  • Initially designed and developed at a leading healthcare organization
  • Clinical data demonstrates higher accuracy than clinical judgement alone

NOTE: Needle is NOT included.

  • Compatible with existing decompression devices, catheters, and needles

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Pneumeric™ Capnospot™ Pneumothorax Decompression Indicator


  • Weight: 3.2 oz
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