Chito-SAM 100 4" X 4"

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Chito-SAM™ 100 is a high performance 100% pure chitosan hemostatic dressing designed to stop lethal bleeding fast. It is easy to use, extremely effective, and safe. It is a CE Marked Class III Medical Device. Chito-SAM™ 100 works independently of the body’s normal clotting processes. Unlike most hemostatic dressings, Chito-SAM™ 100 is made of non-woven, 100% pure chitosan. The hemostatic performance is extremely effective compared to products impregnated or coated with chitosan hemostatic agents. New “tear anywhere” packaging allows you to quickly access the product. Simply open the packaging using any of the tear strips located along each edge.

Dimensions: 6" H x 5" W x .25" D

Weight: 0.4 oz

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