LIFE® OxygenPac

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LIFE® OxygenPac is an easy-to-use, portable, wall-mounted Emergency Oxygen Unit for onsite first-aid and safety programs.

Simple and Easy to Use!

With the capability to be used as an inhalator for breathing victims, or as a resuscitator for nonbreathing victims, the LIFE OxygenPac is a wallmounted emergency oxygen unit that is clearly labeled for easy access in an emergency situation, with a clear cover and simple two step instructions located on the outside of the unit. This unit includes a convenient handle and weighs 18 lbs.

A workplace model offers the two flow settings (LIFE-612), while the EMT model offers variable flow (LIFE-025). A constant reading supply gauge allows oxygen levels to be monitored, even when the unit is turned off, and the included CPR mask features a one-way valve, which can fit either children or adults.

  • 90 Minute Supply @ 6 Liters Per Minute
  • Simple External Two-step instructions: Inhalator: administer supplemental oxygen for a breathing victim. Resuscitator: oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR for a non-breathing victim
  • 566 Liter M20 Aluminum Cylinder
  • Easily Portable with Convenient Handle – 18 Pounds
  • 9” D x 6 ½” W x 20” H
  • Wall Mount for Recognition and Accessibility, always available on display for easy access
  • Simple "On-Off" Control Lever
  • Tight Seal Protects Unit from Dust and Moisture
  • Constant Reading Supply Gauge (other units must be turned on to read gauge)
  • Choice of LIFE Regulator: LIFE-612 NORM: FDA required minimum 6 LPM and HIGH: AHA recommended 12 LPM. LIFE-025 0-25 LPM - variable flow with 12 click stop positions – recommended for EMTs LIFE-6FF 6 lpm Fixed-Flow
  • Features LIFE® CPR Mask with One-Way Valve, universally fits both adult and child
  • Cylinder is easily refillable/replaceable/disposable  
  • Units come complete, ready-to-use, full of oxygen, with wall brackets and screws for mounting
  • For Emergency Use, Non-Prescription
  • 5 Year Warranty
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