LXMB45-SKF-Desert Tan

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The LXMB45 Modular Tactical Medic Backpack is the culmination of two years of research, design and customer feedback by Lightning X for a practical and useful EMS bag for the tactical market. Far too often, tactical medics are forced to buy a military bag with no EMS features, or an EMS bag with no tactical features. Now you can have the best of both worlds, with a well organized and great looking bag all-in-one. The MB45 comes with four grab-n-go pouches with transparent windows, all of which are completely removable or interchangeable within the main compartment.

THE KIT: Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, Bandage Sheers, Penlight, Ammonia Ampules (10), Band-Aids (100), 4″x4″ Gauze Pads (50), 2″ Roll Gauze (2), 3″ Roll Gauze (2), 4″ Roll Gauze (2), 2″ Self-Adherent Bandage (2), 2″ Elastic Ace Bandage (2), 5″ x 9″ ABD Pad (2), 8″ x 10″ ABD Pad (2), 1″ Roll Cloth Tape, 2″ Roll Cloth Tape, Iodine Wipes (10), Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz, Instant Cold Packs (4), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (4) , Eye Wash Irrigation Solution, Exam Gloves (8), Universal SAM Finger Splint (2), Oral Glucose Gel, Sting & Bite Relief Pads (10), Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff, Premium Cardiology Stethoscope, CPR Mask (2), Berman Airways Kit (6), 10″ x 30″ Multi Trauma Dressing (2), Bag Valve Mask (MPR), 4-1/4″ x 36″ Roll Splint (2), 4″ x 4″ Transparent Chest Seal, Adjustable Cervical Collar, 2oz Burn Spray w/ Lidocaine, 2oz First Aid Antiseptic Spray, Emergency Mylar Blanket (2), QuickStop Hemostatic Spray (1.69oz), QuickClot 4″ x 4″ EMS Bandage, Tourniquet, Petroleum Burn Dressing 3″ x 9″ (2), Tongue Depressor (2), Suture Set, First Aid Guide, Digital Thermometer, Thermometer Sheath (2), Israeli Bandage 4″, Folding Pocket Knife, Fingertip Pulse Ox, Nasal Airway Kit. Pulse Ox is not intended for medical use, it is rather intended for use in sports or aviation.

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