Polar Skin C2E Ice Pack Bundle

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Polar Skin C2E Ice Packs aid in thermo-regulation for patients that are hyperthermic. The Polar Skin™ Mini-Mesh sleeves are saturated with ArcticAqua™ to promote evarporative cooling, while encouraging convection cooling and moisture transport, thanks to an air-permeable layer. Place these ice packs on high-blood flow regions (groin and underarms) for the most effective thermal transfer. Comes in a pack of four.

  • Polar Skin Mini-Mesh - A unique smart textile treated with a hydrofunctional polymer. Fiber construction allows for liquid absorptive capacity 350% greater than basis weight.
  • ArcticAqua - A proprietary solution that prevents rigidity well below 0°F while providing the requisite moisture to support evaporative, convective, and conductive cooling.
  • Facilitates conductive, convective, and evaporative cooling
  • Four specially-sized Comfort Gel Packs providing protracted direct cooling of high blood flow (large artery) regions of the body (underarms and groin)
  • Maintenance free; impervious to environmental and biological contamination
  • Allows for full access to the body while cooling
  • Adheres to current National Athletic Trainers’ Association and U.S. Army protocols for heat illness treatment

Dimensions: 8" H x 9.5" W x 1.25" D (packaged)
Dimensions: 10" H x 6" W (individual pack)
Weight: 4.4 lbs

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ManufacturerNorth American Rescue
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